Bonafide Studio is dedicated to improving lifestyle balance through communication and design.

Bonafide Studio, launched in 2019, is a small product design company founded by Renate Vermane in Copenhagen Denmark. With her background in concept development (BA in Brand Design) her efforts have been focused on rebuilding bonds between elements that enhance people's lives - communication and design.

After connecting the importance of perception of time with our quality of life, she designed the Six-Month Flow Calendar to help others gain a long-term perspective and live in tune with themselves.

The desire to create something that is genuine and connects people with meaning is the foundation of Bonafide Studio.

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Bona fide /in good faith/ - genuine, real, without intention to deceive 


Our design efforts are focused on creating objects and spaces that tell stories and connect with the perceiver in an authentic way. 

Each object we design is created from deep understanding of materials, sustainability, form and utility. 

We enjoy being in the intersection between design and psychology. Explore. Feel. Reflect.




The Team

Our team of selected designers, marketers and craftsmen join the studio in a collaborative manner through alignment in the same values. 

Together, we work to educate and inspire wellness in people's lives through product and communication design, valuing sustainability and authenticity in everything we do.

We specialize in product development, project management, optimization, sustainability, and branding.

Our niche insights provides us with the opportunity to create unique products for our clients – from underwear to accessories and interior design.

Bonafide Studio has since October 2020 moved in a ceramics studio in Copenhagen, adding research in material intelligence to our list of expertise.


Our mission is to curb more collaboration and emerge with natural and sustainable artisan products for the conscious home and improved lifestyle. 


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Business & Concept consulting 

Mission & Vision 

Frontend development

Sustainability analysis

Time management

Company Alignment



Product design

Set design & Styling


Concept Development


Ceramic Workshops

Mission & Vision

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