Bonafide Lifestyle Studio is dedicated to improving lifestyle balance through communication and design.

My name is Renate Vermane and I stand behind Bonafide Lifestyle Studio. I have a BA in Brand Design and for several years I have been seeking the most effective way to improve peoples lives.

I have found that the largest hurdle in both our professional and private lives lies in forming realistic perceptions about  1- our purpose, 2 - our energy (or resources) and 3 - time. 

I've worked on these three merits obsessively unlocking several learnings that can be useful to you personally or your business. 

If you want to improve your overall happiness or improve important elements of your life - reach out today or follow along!


Bonafide /bəʊnəˈfiːdeɪ/ - genuine, real, without intention to deceive 

Bonafide beginnings

Bonafide was born back in 2016 - first as a concept created to fill the gap in the market for comfortable womens underwear (now filled with dozens of brands), with a mission to inspire authenticity, body positivity, genuine values and confidence among women.


We believed that the first layer we put on our skin, sprinkled with just the right amount of intention, could be the vessel to inspiring women to feel confident in whichever way they want to present themselves. Confidence equals action, equals achieving goals, right?

It didn't take long, until we realised that our purpose is not selling comfortable underwear with a message. Our purpose was to successfully deliver our message of authenticity - and provide both women and men who want to live authentically with the right tools to do so.

Was underwear then the wrong way to do that? It certainly was not entirely off, but we wanted to do something better.

Bonafide future

We took sometime to gather our strengths and form comprehensive knowledge on how to help people lead authentic, purposeful and happy lives, according to their own values. And so, by late 2018, Bonafide Lifestyle Studio began to take shape. 

Bonafide Lifestyle Studio today inspires wellness in peoples lives through lifestyle and communication design. We aspire to help people achieve balance in their lives, know their purpose, act upon this purpose and see sustainable success. 

There is no one-fix-all. That is why we have also chosen to consult where we touch upon various areas to determine which need guidance. After having discovered where people and businesses struggle the most, we aid in personal branding, goal setting, time and project management.

Our first product, Six-Month Calendar, has already proven to significantly improve our customers lives. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your best self! 

Our values

... Is Not Only About Environment

Besides caring about the planet, we believe that it is also important to be sustainable towards yourself.  Everything is connected, and so is your well-being, physical and mental health. 

Less is More

The brilliant is simple, yet hard to design, as being able to select or create something of high value requires pristine knowledge. We have the knowledge to be able to pick out the few, but best elements to shape your lifestyle or company.

Escaping Extremism

We do not offer mind-blowing solutions. That is not to mean our solutions are not efficient. Over time we have learned that extreme solutions rarely work in the long term and often may even do harm. Our solutions are logical, implementable and they last - just like a stack of well-balanced rocks will last many storms.

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