Bonafide Lifestyle Studio is dedicated to improving lifestyle balance through communication and design.



Bonafide Lifestyle Studio is founded by Renate Vermane. With her background in business consulting (BA Brand Design, Copenhagen Denmark) she has been seeking the most effective way to improve peoples lives through communication design.

Learning that the biggest hurdle in both business and our private lives is forming realistic perceptions about our purpose, our energy (and resources) and time, she designed the Six-Month Calendar Method to help her clients deal with stress and achieve sustainable productivity.

This tool became the foundation behind the purpose of wanting to create something that is genuine and brings both businesses and individuals back to their purpose. 

If you want to improve your overall happiness or improve important elements of your life - do not hesitate to reach out or simply follow along.

Bona fide /in good faith/ - genuine, real, without intention to deceive 

The Team

Bonafide Lifestyle Studio, launched in 2019, is a small designer studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 


Our background is consulting within project management, change management, optimization, sustainability and branding. We also aid in personal branding, goal setting, and time management. 


We work to educate and inspire wellness in peoples lives through communication design, valuing sustainability and balance in everything we do. Our team of designers, marketeers and craftsmen join the studio in a collaborative manner through their faith in these same values. 


Our niche insight provides us with the opportunity to create unique products for our clients.

Our first product Six-Month Calendar is a unique methodology that combines world-renowned expert learnings, and has already significantly improved our customers lives.

Bonafide Lifestyle Studio has since October 2020 moved in a ceramics studio in Copenhagen, adding research in material intelligence to our list of expertise.


Our aim is to curb more collaboration, break the silos and emerge with natural and sustainable artisan products for the conscious home and improved lifestyle. 

Our values

... Is Not Only About Environment

Besides caring about the planet, we believe that it is also important to be sustainable towards yourself.  Everything is connected, and so is your well-being, physical and mental health. 

Less is More

The brilliant is simple, yet hard to design, as being able to select or create something of high value requires pristine knowledge. We have the knowledge to be able to pick out the few, but best elements to shape your lifestyle or company.

Past Extremism

We do not offer mind-blowing solutions. That is not to mean our solutions are not efficient. Over time we have learned that extreme solutions rarely work in the long term and often may even do harm. Our solutions are logical, implementable and they last - just like a stack of well-balanced rocks will last many storms.



Business & Concept consulting 

Mission & Vision 

Frontend development

Sustainability analysis

Time management

Company Alignment



Product design

Set design & Styling


Concept Development


Ceramic Workshops

Mission & Vision

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