Terms of Service

Customer Care

We care immensely about your satisfaction of our products and/or services, therefore do not hesitate to contact us at contact@bonafide-studio.com if you have any questions. Write us your number if you want us to get in touch with you via voice call.

We will gladly assist you!


We ship our orders from Central Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Estimated delivery duration:

Denmark: 2-4 days

Europe: 4-14 days 

World: 6-30 days

COVID-19 restrictions have severely impacted the postal service industry across the globe. As we use external delivery companies (Postnord, DAO, GLS, Bring) we are not able to answer in regards to the length of delivery. 

Return & Exchange Policy

If you have received a damaged product, you can seek replacement or reimbursement - in which case you must provide a photo of the damage and describe the situation by writing to us at contact@bonafide-studio.com within six days of receiving the product.  

Returns due to other reasons are only possible at our shop/studio, as we currently are not able to support returns via delivery, but contact us at contact@bonafide-studio.com  and we will work hard to find a solution together! 

Cancellations for events or classes

We fully understand if you might find yourself in a situation to cancel an event or a class. In such case we will offer you to reschedule your class. This, however, may be done no later than 18 hours before the class start. Therefore, always make sure to reschedule your event in good time, otherwise your investment will not be refunded nor used for further rescheduling.

For your comfort, we also extended your abilities to reschedule - you may reschedule up to two times from your original booking, being able to do so within a three-month period from the initial event date. This applies only if you inform us 18 hours prior the event.

Cookie policy

Different from many other sites and services, we simply do not use any cookies. We do not track your behavior, we do not purchase your information from other retailers and all that other jazz.

We only process information that you provide with us when making a purchase on our site, that is necessary for processing your order (name and address for being able to mail the order to your address, e-mail for providing invoice and phone number for optional shipping updates).  We safely store only your name and purchase date, as transaction information for bookkeeping purposes.