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One Day

A mindful take on introducing ceramics, to anyone interested in clay, offering both a vastly informative and engaging start in hand-building. 

The Course

Student preparing a slab at one of our workshops

This One Day Workshop is an Introduction course, tailored to help understand the ceramic world from A to Z, thoroughly introducing the participant with the processes behind creating vessels in this material.

The course is knowledge-packed, yet all the knowledge is shared while practicing the various techniques hands-on, giving the participant the opportunity to practice.


3,5 hours (210 minutes)



Blågardsgade 18 (Lodewa Studio)


800 DKK (incl. VAT)

Materials, firings, glazing and snacks included


The courses are held in English or Danish, depending on attendees preference. For booking class in one language only, contact us at

The Program

At the course you will learn:

  • The full ceramic production from A-Z in hand building techniques, from preparing your piece to getting it ready for firing and glazing

  • Difference between earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain

  • Why and how to wedge clay 

  • The stages of clay and what to know about each stage

  • Four hand-building techniques (pinch, slab, coil, kurinuki)

  • Decorating techniques

  • Theory on more complex production techniques (wheel-throwing, slipcasting)

  • Practical tips on how to develop different pieces

Our focus is on offering a mindful and thorough first experience. 

Tea, water and snacks are served at the location.

Price: 800 DKK

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