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Swirl object collection

Handmade objects and vases made in Copenhagen, Denmark. Each object has been built by layering handrolled stoneware coils. Collection emerged in the designers effort to highlight the traditionally time and effort intensive process behind ceramic production.


Coil technique is the oldest known technique for creation of functional ceramic objects. Typically the interconnecting layers of coils are merged upon building a piece, for a smooth surface.


Swirl Collection uncovers these layers, shining a light to the time and patience it takes to build ceramic objects. Each layer helps the perceiver instantaneously reflect on the process of creation - from rolling each coil to then building it layer upon layer. 

Creation process Bonafide Studio swirl vase.jpg

Over time, I’ve found great joy in letting each layer fold and curve naturally upon one another,  allowing each piece to become entirely unique.  This chosen aesthetic evokes several reflections, from growth to fluidity, resilience and calm, that is experienced in the building of each vessel.


Our hope is that this collection helps connect to viewer to the journey of creation, and consider the time and effort put into handmade items.

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