The mindful
time-management tool

Six-Month Calendar

The Six-Month Calendar

is designed to help us be more intentional with our most valuable resource - time. 

The Six-Month Calendar is a wall calendar (42cm x 118cm) designed to introduce flow in your visual, physical and emotional space.  The large overview and ability to offload your plans for the long-term, helps you relax and take back the main role of being the designer of your life.

Six-Month Calendar improves the skills that are foundational for living a happy life - time-management skills and self-awareness


Both of these skills are necessary for successful goal-setting and achieving said goals - actions that are proven to be fundamental for sustaining a meaningful and happy life.

Design principles


The seamless transition between months challenges the way the months are commonly portrayed - as isolated blocks of time, between 4-5 weeks in length, with ambiguous start and end times.

Our perception tends to adapt to these blocks, forming internalized expectations for each stage - beginnings of a month we tend to welcome with a feeling of a fresh start, in which we now can begin a new challenge with a fresh gust of motivation. Similarly, we tend to feel certain pressure towards the end of the month to achieve said goals. 

These expectations contribute to distorting our sense of time, taking the focus away from our own unique natural biorhythms. This override in turn can affect our relationships, success, learning, health, even including our finances

Six-Month Calendar 2022.JPG
Six-Month Calendar 2022.jpg

The Six-Month Wall Calendar offers a long-term perspective for both making plans farther ahead than you might be used to and gaining objective reflections.

Longer time perspective visible in one-glance in flow format improves our ability to plan ahead and do it realistically, as its constraint-less flow invites you to reflect on what feels right for you.

Self-reflection is the number one method used to help overcome overwhelm, gain clarity and strategize for a better, more fulfilled life. They say "all the answers lie within you" for a reason. Recognizing your needs and what you wish to see in your life is the key to designing the life you desire.