Why Six-Month Calendar?

Ever experienced anxiety or stress from either not doing enough or doing too much? How do you feel about designing that happy and sophisticated life you deserve? Travel, wellness, health, career... For many of us it can feel like a balancing act, and suddenly, living a happy life doesn't seem as natural as we feel it should.


That’s why we created The Six-Month Calendar - with an aim to balance the many elements in our life by giving ourselves meta vision. It worked for us and it can work for you. 


The Six-Month Calendar eliminates multiple time-perception fallacies by its unique design approach. These fallacies vitally impact our time-management abilities, that in turn affect our relationships, success, learning, growth, health and even our finances. 


It is a great tool for reflection, planning and monitoring both short-term and long-term projects, alongside being a potential method for improving life quality.

The Six-Month Calendar

is designed to increase a persons ability to accurately interpret the flow of time.

Our mission is to help people design their life their way by improving the skills that are the foundation for designing a happy life - time-management skills and self-awareness. Both of these skills are necessary for goal-setting and achieving said goals - actions that are proven to be fundamental for sustaining a meaningful and happy life.


By perfecting these two skills a person becomes able to design their life their way - based on their own values and their own definition of success and balance. Six-Month Calendar will help you reveal what is possible for you.

How it works? 

The Six-Month Calendar breaks down the common time-management and planning fallacies, by introducing flow in your visual, physical and emotional space.

Six-Month Calendar is different from other wall calendars and planners as it introduces a seamless transition between months, at the same time giving enough of space for each day to make meaningful notes that eventually will form powerful reflections.

Six month period is both long enough for the desired reflective effect and short enough to not overwhelm the user in one glance.


This format improves our ability to plan ahead and do it realistically, as perception of any given time frame on The Six-Month Calendar is not distorted by concepts like beginning/end of the month or size of the date, both of which are proven to distort our perception of time and its flow.

Similarly, there are differences in the interpretation of time depending on how it is visualized. Often, a year overview is presented in separate months that either stack horizontally or vertically, ignoring the standard rhythm of weeks, which corrupts our ability to accurately manage time.

The Six-Month Calendar

helps our perception make peace with time and instead of fighting against it - inviting you to collaborate with it.

There is no better method than self-reflection to help overcome overwhelm, get rid of the annoying and strategize for a better, more fulfilled life. Wise people tend to say that all the answers lie within you for a reason. Recognizing your needs and what you wish to see in your life will form the key for designing the life you desire.


What effect can you expect?

A great deal depends on how you intend to use this calendar. You may want to drastically change gears for the next half year, focus on planning, or simply monitor your current flow and focus on reflection. 

With using the Six-Month Calendar you may gain the knowledge of your energy levels, productivity and capabilities. You might also notice more gratitude for the things that surround you in your life as the days, like pieces of a puzzle, fall together making a bigger picture of the things that you have chosen to surround yourself with.


Another possible side-effect is a new feeling of accomplishment, as the projects that you have decided to log on the calendar emerge with their journey of when they started, important milestones and completion days. Such project registration tends to motivate and inspire, letting you acquire a sense of purpose.

Join the Six-Month Calendar community, and learn more how you can simply, yet effectively improve your life by bringing this tool into your home.

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