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Intention - the magic ingredient for extraordinary living

Intention The magic ingredient that turns everything ordinary into something extraordinary.

Intention has the power to transform simple action, gesture or an object into serving a purposeful mission and elevating its value. It transforms ordinary days and lives into extraordinary. It turns the “thank you!” said to the cashier at checkout, into something that warms both their and your heart. It turns a regular morning into a morning routine you designed, that has the power of feeling like a victory leap.

We tend to experience and appreciate the power of intention in many occasions in our lives, like giving gifts, choosing a career, offering a meaningful gesture. However, I feel that often some areas of our lives remain neglected. Sometimes we neglect them because we believe we lack the energy or the resources, sometimes - simply because we didn’t think it’s possible.

When I was in Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, and looked over this piece, I thought "art nowadays... this artist just displayed the simplest bathroom" and rolled my eyes. I actually took this photo to share it with a friend with the same caption. I thought so because the items the artist chose to display are very basic, there seemed nothing artistic in it, where's the story? Where's the intention, designed within this piece? Then I decided to look for the intention, and so I began feeling that that's the point. Noticing that overwhelmed me with the realization that any space can be curated with an intention, even that tired, simple-looking bathroom. Maybe it is not filled with designer items, but as long as the intention is there, it is serving somebody and that's beautiful!

Let’s take that simple bathroom as an example and see how intention can make the simplest room into something more.

First, we can simply add a little more thought on how the items are placed – perhaps, to inspire you, the items in your bathroom just need a home – placed in a shelf or elevated a top of a nice tray. It can also be that all it takes to feel the magic of intention, lies in adding one simple plant, a mat or changing the shower curtain. That is how I see anything with just a simple touch, can be transformed. The energies of objects and words - set into motion as they are touched with the intention to inspire, make life easier, or more beautiful in the way you see fit – the way you have decided they can best serve you.

I would like to invite you to think about where you might’ve neglected the magic power of intention and curation? Or let me say this in an affirmative way - where you would like to use the magic of intention? This holiday season can be a good time to address it before stepping into the new year. Perhaps it can even turn into a project that you would like to make true in the next year?

Could it be in your living room space? Or by organizing that tired bookshelf? Or maybe in how you go about your day and the route you take?

Think of each object and action in your daily life and how it serves you, and if it doesn’t - transform it - either by moving around, replacing it with something you actually love or by adding something that inspires you. It can be as simple as cooking a different type of dinner with an intention to create adventure; selecting a different route with intention to explore and notice more things in your city. It can be sharing a kind word with the intention to spark joy, or simply going to bed earlier with the intention to get some well-deserved sleep. I promise you, that type of sleep feels way better!

Let me know if you thought of anything that could need some intention in your life, and make sure to share it with me, once you do! Happy Holiday Season!

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