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Corona virus lockdown

Have you found yourself in quarantine or lockdown due to Coronavirus?

Here are some organizational ideas for those who would like to keep productive at home during this time, yet already know to consider reading a book or watching a Netflix show.

What else could be done in this time instead of going out and being social? Let's find out! Don't forget to eventually tell me what you think you will be doing :)

1. Challenge yourself to be self-sustained

Instead of letting panic in your home in the form of hoarding on recently store bought food and products, try eating out your pantry and using what you already have. Yes, your entire pantry! Look at what you already have and try to figure out dishes from all those grains you never touch. Eating simple, can be magical and it’s also healthy!

Eventually, learn which foods make you happy, and make conclusions if something was more difficult to prepare than you thought. This time is a great time to see hat you actually use, and how to minimize.

2. Back up / clean out your phone!

Shit happens and you will appreciate this over the long term. Take a step further and back up your laptop too! Schedule routine back ups every 3 months, and they will take less time and therefore be less stressful and draining. It can actually be a great time to review pictures to print, because, don't we all miss more physical photos of the great memories we make?

3. Organize!

Make a list of all of the little and big things to do that are just lying there at the back of your mind. Offload your mind from it all, and highlight the home tasks you have. Find what else you can do - does something need fixing? Does something need cleaning? I’m sure you have one of these tasks just lying there:

• throwing out (read: recycling) old papers

• sorting documents

• mending your clothes

• sorting out your wardrobe

• making a vision board

• planning out your year

• making a budget for the year ahead, or maybe even already next year!

• sort/edit your photos for a photo album

4. Schedule it all!

Now that you have a list, things need to have deadlines! Two weeks is actually a very short amount of time and if you allocate your efforts to take care of your base camp in this time (aka, your home that I hope is your sanctuary) , it can tremendously lift the rest of your year. Scheduling the little things you want to do, will set urgency in you, as you will see that you cannot probably do it all in this time.

Goals you have wanted to see unfold, can actually happen in this time, and it can feel very empowering.

Start by writing the amount of time after each task, that it would take to complete it, and place it in your day when you want to get it done. Remember to also schedule rest and food, and you are good to go!

5. Finally - take care and be safe!

Take a break from it all, and take this time to invest in yourself and your family. Make phone calls, if you need support, try video conference with your best friends, or try to watch a movie together like this! Experiment with being social from afar with people who are normally very close to you! Or find time for that conversation with that life-long friend who lives in a different country.

This time is a perfect reminder of how important our family and friendships are - being at home during this time doesn't have to mean that you will be alone and lonely.

Have you found any of these tips useful?

Let me know and engage with me on Instagram, commenting below or by sending me an e-mail!

Wishing you a peaceful and calm lockdown period,

Renate @ Bonafide

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