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Bringing your inner world outside

Aligning the physical world to your values is a huge step towards living a more happy and fulfilling life. This journey always starts inwards, as answers found within, are forming the guidelines for decisions made outward, in the external part of your life. The external world consists of so many decisions that form ones reality. The country you have chosen to stay in, the place you reside in, the food you choose to eat, the relationships you put energy in, and in the things you watch and consume on the daily.

Taking control of our external self, for some seems impossible, however, it is very much in your hands. In your given circumstances, you can begin to reflect, by asking yourself, what do you value and out of the experiences you know, what matters the most to you? And I mean, what •REALLY• matters to you? Ask questions such as: “What kind of world do I want to live in and contribute to building? What brings me joy? What makes me feel accomplished?”

Such questions will help aligning your vision of who you are with your environment. Look around you and think of how each and every object in your possession came to be in your life and what beliefs about yourself they communicate about the time you brought them in your life? Some interesting revelations can come from this inspection.

It may be shocking to reveal how the environment you chose around yourself was a direct extension of your beliefs about yourself at the given time. You may find some objects returning you to the state of panic or despair. Free yourself from beliefs that make you feel stuck, unworthy or trapped and focus on what makes you feel free, strong and capable. The vitality that is enclosed in your being, is constantly spent on things in your life, and once you direct it to your choosing, it will bend to your will, rather than just be spent anyway on whatever was on the menu that day.

This journey is important, because anything that isn’t aligned with your being, clutters not only your space, but also your mind and thus performance, impacting your emotional and physical well-being. Especially, if you are not satisfied with the results of this inspection, I urge you to ask the right questions, and start aligning your external self with your inner self. Remember, that the energy to grow and change is always within you, and your thoughtful direction serves as a guide to this energy that flows anyway.

Our home is our safe space, it is important for people to be truly free and themselves in their own home.

Keep in mind, that bringing your inner self outward, is an individual process and therefore it will bring individual results. That’s the beauty of life, its diversity. However, being truly honest and authentic to yourself can be hard, as at times it feels like you being authentic with all your little quirks makes you stand alone in your uniqueness. Hush this year, and listen to your gut. What your gut probably is saying to you, is that we stand together in our authenticity, not alone, and the only borders we draw, are those we set up because we are afraid to be real. That is how we end up standing alone.

Gut is your best guide, give yourself permission to be led by it. Don't forget, that you are valuable and the world deserves to know what energy you can create around yourself in its full spectrum of light.

With love,


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