Bonafide is a creative studio, dedicated to developing products that inspire balance and improve our lifestyle wellness.

/Bona•fide/  - real, genuine, without the intention to deceive 

We want to disrupt the preconceptions of what it means to be successful, what it takes to deliver work of value, all whilst nurturing mental and physical health.

We believe that the best environment for success in any field of life is balance. Balance ensures fluid stability, sustainability and growth.


We believe that any matter in our universe is at its best, genuine and most authentic state when it is in balance

Our values and expertise transcend industries, and have the potential to transform businesses, relationships, communication, and improve overall satisfaction in life.

That is why we consult, research and design things to serve this very mission.

Our values


...also within

Besides caring about the planet, we believe that it is also important to be sustainable towards yourself.  Everything is connected, and so is your well-being, physical and mental health. 


Focus on the important

The brilliant things are few and they are simple, yet hard and time consuming to design. Being able to select or create something of high value requires pristine knowledge. We make sure to continuously research and maintain pristine knowledge to be able to pick out the few, but best elements to shape your lifestyle or company.


Long-term benefit

We do not offer mind-blowing solutions. That is not to mean our solutions are not efficient. Over time we have learned that extreme solutions rarely work in the long term and often may even do harm. Our solutions are logical, implementable and they last - just like a stack of well-balanced rocks will last many storms.

We design things that inspire balance

We do not compromise on research, quality and design when creating things of value. We will always invest our time and effort to find the best solutions and tell captivating stories.