Six-Month Calendar Starter Bundle January - June 2021

Six-Month Calendar, but make it printable! 


The printable Six-Month Calendar Starter Bundle is perfect for those new to the Six-Month Method. It is ideal if you would also prefer a smaller version of the Six-Month Calendar. This "print it yourself" version is both budget friendly, as well as perfect if you want to take your Six-Month calendar on the go as it is conveniently sized to fit in your notebook, portable computer case for when you might need it outside of your home.


If you already have used Six-Month Calendar and have used this method before,  you might like the simple printable version without the How To Guide and Lifestyle Balance booklet.  This version is also perfect for those who use this method with their family, as the smaller printable version can be a perfect addition for your own private use. 


The document prints on four pieces of paper, attach it by glue and just hang it up! 


In the Bundle are included: 


  • How to Guide
  • Lifestyle Balance with Six-Month Calendar booklet
    • An extremely valuable resource for anyone looking to optimize their every day life and seek a more balanced living. 

Six-Month Calendar Starter Bundle January - June 2021

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    User reviews

    Hannah, Educator

    The calendar is a great organisation tool, it helps get everything in one place with a proper long-term overview.

    Abbie, Healer

    I love it so much, your creation is so magnificent, I can't wait to see how this idea expands and reaches more people, it's so helpful! 

    Laila, Coach

    With Six-Month Calendar I was suddenly able to see my life as a longterm project rather than a sprint. It made me want to rush less, yet on the other hand, I was more motivated to fill my time with more nice things that I'd like to look back to with joy and gratitude.

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