July - December 2021

Behind Six-Month Calendar lies research within personal development and psychology.  Its unique design features help you plan, focus on your journey and experience more gratitude. 

July - December 2021

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  • The Six-Month Calendar is a wall calendar created with an aim to increase its user’s quality of life and happiness by introducing a bird's eye view, which helps us accurately feel the flow of time, focus on our natural biorhythms, and also reflect and plan in an efficient manner.

    It is a great tool for monitoring short-term and long-term projects, tracking habits, alongside being a method for relieving anxiety.

User reviews

Hannah, Educator

The calendar is a great organisation tool, it helps get everything in one place with a proper long-term overview.

Abbie, Healer

I love it so much, your creation is so magnificent, I can't wait to see how this idea expands and reaches more people, it's so helpful! 

Laila, Coach

With Six-Month Calendar I was suddenly able to see my life as a longterm project rather than a sprint. It made me want to rush less, yet on the other hand, I was more motivated to fill my time with more nice things that I'd like to look back to with joy and gratitude.