January - December 2021

Two Six-Month Calendars for your entire 2021. (January - June 2021 and July - December 2021). The sleek and fluid design helps gain a powerful overview and balance your every day. Included in the order is a guide "Lifestyle Balance with Six-Month Calendar".

January - December 2021

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  • The Six-Month Calendar is a wall calendar created with an aim to increase its user’s quality of life and happiness by introducing a bird's eye view, which helps us accurately feel the flow of time, focus on our natural biorhythms, and also reflect and plan in an efficient manner.

    It is a great tool for monitoring short-term and long-term projects, tracking habits, alongside being a method for relieving anxiety.

User reviews

Hannah, Educator

The calendar is a great organisation tool, it helps get everything in one place with a proper long-term overview.

Abbie, Healer

I love it so much, your creation is so magnificent, I can't wait to see how this idea expands and reaches more people, it's so helpful! 

Laila, Coach

With Six-Month Calendar I was suddenly able to see my life as a longterm project rather than a sprint. It made me want to rush less, yet on the other hand, I was more motivated to fill my time with more nice things that I'd like to look back to with joy and gratitude.

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Bonafide Studio is a design studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 


We offer a wide range of services within project management, change management, optimization and ustainability. We also offer solutions for personal goal setting and time management. 


Our work is aimed to educate and inspire wellness in peoples lives through communication design, valuing sustainability and balance.

Our first product Six-Month Calendar is a unique methodology that combines world-renowned expert learnings, significantly aiding in decluttering and creating focus in our clients lives.


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