Frequently asked questions

How do I know Bonafide Lifestyle Studio is right for my business?

Are you struggling with conveying your business message to your customers? Do you feel like you could be more inspiried by your brands identity? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your current operational structure? If you answered to any of these questions with a "Yes" then we can most certainly help you. Our line of expertise is project management and brand strategy, however, we work with trusted SEO and Google Ads experts, as well as photographers and graphic designers, all to get your business up and running the way it should be! Contact us for more information to get a quote on our pricing.

Can I consult with Bonafide Lifestyle Studio, if I am a private person?

Of course. Give me a call to see if I can help you! However, keep in mind that I am not a psychologist or a coach. I am an identity and time management consultant. I work in a very structured and goal orientated way, with defined methods that I determine as I work with you if they can be applied to you. If you have been previously working with coaches, my approach will differ by being more technical and defined than what you have tried and perhaps are used to.

Is the Six-Month Calendar a unique product?

Yes, Six-Month Calendar is a unique product. While you can find many different yearly or half-year overviews, they are not designed to counterfeit time and planning fallacies like Six-Month Calendar is designed to.

How do I use the Six-Month Calendar?

You can read about it on the Six-Month Calendar page! For more in-depth information, you will receive a "suggestions for use" booklet together with your Six-Month Calendar. It contains useful information, that will significantly improve your experience with it. Simultaneously, we are looking into offering useful information in other forms. Follow along for more info, if you haven't made a purchase yet! Let us know what more you would like to learn about using this tool, we will make sure to resolve any questions you might have!