Discover our latest product the Six- Month Calendar - Created to balance your every day, help you achieve your goals and increase your happiness. 

The Six-Month calendar

Create perspective.

For growth and de-stressing in a turbulent word.


The Original Design, 2019


The Six-Month Calendar

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Six Month Calendar is the tool that brings me back to myself. I document my own journey and I can reflect on my own pace, being much more in touch of what I am capable of.

It inspires me, as I am able to see where I can be if I just focus and keep on going.

“I'm super hyped and happy about the calendar! 

Thank you so much for having created it!”

Zane V.


“Now going through time management and more with Renate's helping hand. The place where I have been stuck for years now is releasing its tension by her caring tasks and calm guidance. Thank you dear!”

Anna B.

“I use this calendar every day and love the design and functionality. I frankly now can't imagine my life without it!”

Ilze S.